Bored at work? Overlap is the perfectly addictive game to help you pass the time and get over that boredom. Overlap has over 100 exciting levels where you must use your skills in speed and accuracy to overlap images to advance. Be careful not to let the overlapped images go too far or to tap too soon or you will have to start the round all over from the beginning.

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Fuse Balls

Fuse Balls was created with inspirations of minimalistic art design. Circles of various colors fall towards a center gravitational force creating smooth transitions and requiring color matching to fuse circles.

The fun part about the game is how gravity reacts to circles, the circle gravity movements, music, and sound effects help with proving an unique game experience from a very basic match 3 game concept that can challenge the basic or advance player.

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More To Come

Check back with us every month! We are constantly creating new games for you to play. If you haven't already checked out our current games please visit our Game page!